Chapter Five – it’s the end of Wolf War

Hi Readers,

Well the last chapter of Wolf War is done and dusted and will soon be zooming its way into your e-readers. It’s been great fun writing about wolves for Fiction Express. You can imagine how busy I am each Tuesday and Wednesday after the votes come in – writing like crazy to get the next chapter finished!

I’m a great fan of e-readers. I’ve got a Kindle Paperwhite which has a back light, so it’s brilliant for reading in the middle of the night. I always have to read before I can fall off to sleep. Even when I was your age I used to read under the covers. Let me know if any of you are the same and have to read at least a few paragraphs, before going to sleep. Sometimes I’ve got so hooked on a book that I end up reading the whole thing in a night!

Now – back to Wolf War. The end is nigh! I can’t tell you how it ends but I can post some images of how I imagine the wolves as I write.

This is how I see Alpha, the lone white wolf, when he threatens Peter…

 black and white animals animal trees grass GIF

But I also see him like this, roaming free….

 cool top wolf mountain GIF

Here’s how I imagine pale grey Six to look –

And dark grey Thirteen –

Will the wolves, with the help of Peter, Nela and Cooper, manage to get away and hide in the rocks?

 wolf children GIF

Will they find their freedom as a pack?

Or be put back in cages?

Image result for wolf in cage

It’s not long until you all find out! Hope you enjoy  – let me know. I’d love to hear from you!

14 thoughts on “Chapter Five – it’s the end of Wolf War

  1. It was a great book good reference (im talking about the CoD reference) though there are some things you missed but you made the things you did cover fantastic

    • Hi Peter, sorry about the delay in replying, but glad you enjoyed the COD mention. I have two sons so you can be sure there has been lots of computer games played in this house over the years. The cover was fantastic wasn’t it? Nothing beats a wolf howling. Hope you read some good books over the summer!

    • Hi Fred,
      Thanks for your comment and sorry for the delay in replying. I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed Wolf War. I enjoyed writing it. Hope you read some good books over the summer!

    • Hi, sorry for the delay in replying, Anonymous, and thanks for your comments. I’m happy that you and your friend enjoyed them. Keep reading books!

  2. Hi Kathryn I love wolf war so adventuress are exciting I felt like I was Peter I love how wolf-man stole the jeep and Peter, Nela and Coopa had to trust him to escape so cool!

    • Hi Jenson, lovely to hear that you enjoyed Wolf War! And I know what you mean when you say you felt like you were Peter. I get like that when I’m reading books, I really start to live in the story’s world. Then when I put the book down I have to take a few seconds to come back to my own world! My family say that they talk to me when I’m reading but I never really hear them or answer.

      I enjoyed writing Wolf War because there were quite a few trust issues in the story – could Peter trust the first two wolves? Could he trust Alpha who was so big and dangerous? Should all three of them trust Wolfman, or was he out to trick them and get hold of the wolves? I liked the decisions all you readers made about this when picking the options. It turns out you all picked the options that I would’ve if I’d been a reader!

  3. Book Review of Wolf War by Kathryn James.

    The book is a great book by Kathryn James all about three friends who try to stop the hunter from killing the two wolfs wolf number 6 and number 13.

    • Hi Harvey, thanks for your review of Wolf War. I think you’ve got the essence of the book right there in one sentence! Sometimes my agent will ask me to come up with a one-line summary of my book, that can go on the front cover. Sometimes it’s really hard to think of that one line that sums everything up. Sometimes it’s easier. For my book Mist my agent and myself came up with this –
      There’s something in the Mist –
      As beautiful as starlight,
      As fierce as wolves,
      As heartless as ice…

      You’ll notice that I managed to get a mention of wolves in there as well, because there is a wolf in the Mist story, but it doesn’t have a starring part like in Wolf War.
      The next time you have to write a story, try thinking of a one line description for it before you begin. It definitely helps when you’re writing.

  4. Hi Katheryn i really like your book we read it in scholl and it was my fav book so far. My favourite part was when Storm and Frost ran away.

    • Hi Louise, so glad you enjoyed Wolf War! I really enjoyed writing it. I have a thing about wolves, I love them and I’m always looking at images of them on line. I wanted to write a story where kids got the chance to help and rescue some wolves. I also wanted them to be able to talk to the wolves- because wouldn’t it be amazing to know what animals are really thinking? That’s why I had Peter, Six and Alpha communicating with each other. As it’s the end of school term soon, I hope you have a great summer and read lots more amazing books!

  5. Hi on fiction express my school read a lot of your books my favorite of all time is wolf war I thoroughly loved it hope you read my feedback and reply and make lots more books

    • Hi Charlotte, lovely to hear that you enjoyed wolf War! I definitely enjoyed writing it. Authors find Fiction Express books exciting because it’s the readers who decide in which direction the story goes. Wednesdays are very busy for us, because we have to write a whole chapter after finding out which option is chosen. Wolf Wars was a very exciting book to write – I never knew where it would go next! I hope you have a great summer and read lots of fab books – that’s what summer holidays are for x

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