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What is Fiction Express for Schools?

Launched in February 2012, Fiction Express for Schools is an innovative and unique platform for publishing fiction, as it allows readers to determine the course of the plot, in real time, while the stories are being written.


In August 2016, Boolino (, Europe's leading platform for children's and young adult books, acquired Fiction Express. Boolino develop and offer innovative reading tools for schools and parents, which foster children's reading habits.


How does Fiction Express for Schools work?

Fiction Express for Schools e-books are published in weekly episodes each Friday on the website. At the end of every cliffhanging episode readers are given voting options to decide where the plot should go next. They vote online by 3 pm the following Tuesday. The winning vote is then conveyed to the author, who then writes the next episode, in ‘real time’, according to what the readers chose.

Due to popular demand, Fiction Express has increased the number of e-books published each year to 18 from January 2015. This means that there will be 6 e-books each term at different reading levels (ranging from reading age 6 to 10+).

The idea is to get readers actively engaged with the plot and with the author, to use prediction to try and guess what happens next, and to be involved in writing activities – writing the next episode (or all the optional episodes) and seeing how it compares with the actual, for example.


How can Fiction Express for Schools be used?

Each Fiction Express e-book can be used in many different ways:
- As a stand-alone class read for enjoyment in its own right
- As a text for shared reading with the class, leading to writing and cross-curricular activities
- As a text for a guided reading group – to challenge more able pupils, or support those of lower ability, depending on where it is used
- As an independent comprehension activity
- As a text for a book club or writers’ club
- As a homework challenge on a Monday night

In addition, Fiction Express for Schools tackles a few key current issues: the renewed OFSTED focus on literacy, stimulating reluctant readers, encouraging and developing boys’ reading and developing ICT across the curriculum in schools. Since the same stories will be read each week by children across the country, there will be fantastic opportunities for inter-school networking and discussion.

Each weekly episode is accompanied by a comprehensive set of teacher resources containing lesson ideas, comprehension questions and suggestions for extension activities in drama, art and ICT. You can see samples of our teacher resource packs on our Samples page.

All our e-books are carefully checked for content and reading level by primary teachers and literacy consultants, who also compile the weekly teacher resources.


We're always looking for ways to improve Fiction Express, so if you have any great ideas, please contact us at

Fiction Express is based in Shropshire in the UK.

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Fiction Express is a trading name of Boolino Ltd.