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  • Ian Billings

    UK based Kid's Stand-up Comic, Children's Author and Poet.

  • Simon Cheshire

    Simon was a dedicated reader from a very young age, started writing stories when he was in his teens and is now an award-winning author.

  • Bea Davenport

    Bea Davenport started writing stories at the age of around eight and now teaches groups of children and adults everything she knows about writing.

  • Tommy Donbavand

    Award-winning author Tommy has written books, plays and TV shows. He sees sleep as a waste of good writing time.

  • Ann Evans

    Ann Evans is an award-winning author who writes adventure books, thrillers and mystery books.

  • Jo Franklin

    When Jo isn’t writing, she spends her time hanging out in Peckham library and chasing after a dog that never comes back.

  • Sharon Gosling

    Sharon doesn't know when she actually started writing stories, but she can't remember ever wanting to do anything else for a living!

  • Barry Hutchison

    Barry's biggest fear is that someone will some day discover how much fun his job is and immediately put a stop to it.

  • Marie-Louise Jensen

    As well as reading and writing teen books and visiting schools, Marie-Louise also enjoys walking, swimming, going to the cinema and travelling. 

  • Louise John

    Louise has written lots of books for children, some to help them learn to read and some just to read for pleasure.

  • Alice Kuipers

    Alice Kuipers was born in London, England but now lives in Saskatoon in Canada.

  • Cethan Leahy

    Cethan likes watching old movies, drawing pictures of cats and talking at length about last night’s Doctor Who.

  • Tamsyn Murray

    Even when she was small, Tamsyn loved reading and one of her earliest memories is burying her nose in a book. These days she prefers making up her own stories.

  • Saviour Pirotta

    Originally from the small island of Malta near Italy, popular children's author, Saviour, is well-known for his retellings of myths and legends.

  • Stewart Ross

    With some 250 books published, Stewart is one of Britain's most popular and versatile authors.

  • Cavan Scott

    Sunday Times top ten bestselling author, Cavan Scott is a writer, editor, producer and pastry lover who lives near Bristol in the UK.

  • Steve Barlow and Steve Skidmore

    "The 2Steves" are Britain's most popular writing double act for young people, specialising in comedy and adventure.

  • Louie Stowell

    Louie’s written stories about vampires and pirates (not in the same story) and she’s done a lot of retellings of old legends and fairytales. She also draws cartoons and writes non-fiction books.

  • Andrew G Taylor

    A former teacher who has lived around the world, Andrew G Taylor uses the places he has visited and the many computer games he’s played as inspiration for his writing.

  • Alex Woolf

    Alex Woolf has penned more than 40 works of non-fiction. His first love, however, has always been fiction.

  • Mark Wright

    A full-time writer, Mark's hobbies include eating cheese, walking in the countryside and arguing about who is the best James Bond with fellow Fiction Express writer Cavan Scott.