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  • Ian Billings

    UK based Kid's Stand-up Comic, Children's Author and Poet.

  • Paul Bright

    Paul has written many picture books and poems and lived all over Europe.


  • Simon Cheshire

    Simon was a dedicated reader from a very young age, started writing stories when he was in his teens and is now an award-winning author.

  • Catherine A Cooper

    Catherine is an author and journalist who lives in the south of France. She writes for newspapers such as The Times, The Guardian and The Daily Mail as well as writing fiction.

  • Bea Davenport

    Bea Davenport started writing stories at the age of around eight and now teaches groups of children and adults everything she knows about writing.

  • Tommy Donbavand

    Award-winning author Tommy has written books, plays and TV shows. He sees sleep as a waste of good writing time.

  • Alan Durant

    Alan has always loved reading but wanted to be a footballer not a writer as a child.


  • Ann Evans

    Ann Evans is an award-winning author who writes adventure books, thrillers and mystery books.

  • Jo Franklin

    When Jo isn’t writing, she spends her time hanging out in Peckham library and chasing after a dog that never comes back.

  • Sharon Gosling

    Sharon doesn't know when she actually started writing stories, but she can't remember ever wanting to do anything else for a living!

  • Isobel Holmes

    Isobel Holmes speaks three languages and was once in the same lift as the Prime Minister of Mexico.

  • Barry Hutchison

    Barry's biggest fear is that someone will some day discover how much fun his job is and immediately put a stop to it.

  • Kathryn James

    Kathryn's had lots of jobs - from lollipop lady to scuba diver! But she's always been passionate about ponies, wolves and of course, writing.

  • Marie-Louise Jensen

    As well as reading and writing teen books and visiting schools, Marie-Louise also enjoys walking, swimming, going to the cinema and travelling. 

  • Louise John

    Louise has written lots of books for children, some to help them learn to read and some just to read for pleasure.

  • Alice Kuipers

    Alice Kuipers was born in London, England but now lives in Saskatoon in Canada.

  • Cethan Leahy

    Cethan likes watching old movies, drawing pictures of cats and talking at length about last night’s Doctor Who.

  • David Macphail

    David left school at 18 to travel round the world and have adventures. His children's books have been shortlisted for the Greenhouse Funny Prize, the Laugh Out Loud Award, and the Times / Chicken House Prize.

  • Tamsyn Murray

    Even when she was small, Tamsyn loved reading and one of her earliest memories is burying her nose in a book. These days she prefers making up her own stories.

  • Paula Niclomhair

    Paula lives in Ireland in a house full of books with her family and Mathilda, possibly the smartest cat alive.

  • Saviour Pirotta

    Saviour Pirotta is the best-selling author of many books for children. Originally from the sunny island of Malta he moved to England in his early twenties and worked as a storyteller before writing his first book.

  • Stewart Ross

    With some 250 books published, Stewart is one of Britain's most popular and versatile authors.

  • Jan Burchett and Sara Vogler

    Jan Burchett and Sara Vogler were already friends when they discovered they both wanted to write children’s books and that it was much more fun to do it together

  • Cavan Scott

    Sunday Times top ten bestselling author, Cavan Scott is a writer, editor, producer and pastry lover who lives near Bristol in the UK.

  • Steve Barlow and Steve Skidmore

    "The 2Steves" are Britain's most popular writing double act for young people, specialising in comedy and adventure.

  • Louie Stowell

    Louie’s written stories about vampires and pirates (not in the same story) and she’s done a lot of retellings of old legends and fairytales. She also draws cartoons and writes non-fiction books.

  • Andrew G Taylor

    A former teacher who has lived around the world, Andrew G Taylor uses the places he has visited and the many computer games he’s played as inspiration for his writing.

  • Alex Woolf

    Alex Woolf has penned more than 40 works of non-fiction. His first love, however, has always been fiction.

  • Mark Wright

    A full-time writer, Mark's hobbies include eating cheese, walking in the countryside and arguing about who is the best James Bond with fellow Fiction Express writer Cavan Scott.