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And the winner is…


Congratulations to Alex from Christ Church Primary School in Surrey, who wrote a fantastic short story called ‘Meerkat Market’. Read the story now on the Fiction Express blog here.

In second place is TALIA BUNTING from Muswell Hill Primary School with her short story called ‘Paintballing Party’! We really enjoyed reading this story and loved the themes that Talia included.

In third place is HADIA IQBAL from Cannon Park Primary in Coventry with ‘The Birthday Stealer’ – a great concept and a fun read.

The judges would also like to give a special commendation to ELISE ROUVE (aged 5) – the youngest finalist – for her fantastic short story ‘Turnip has a Little Arm’. Well done, Elise!



Thank you for all the hard work you put into your short stories for the Fiction Express and Primary Times competition. The judges have been incredibly impressed with how imaginative and creative the entries were. 



The judges have now completed the difficult task of choosing the longlisted and shortlisted entries. Here are the results:

The 10 shortlisted entries are:

WINNER: Meerkat Market by Alex Pelling, age 11
SECOND PLACE: Paintballing Party by Talia Bunting, age 11
THIRD PLACE: The Birthday Stealer by Hadia Iqbal, age 10
SPECIAL COMMENDATION: Turnip Has a Little Arm by Elise Rouve, age 5

Dustbin Girl by Amelia Humphreys-Piercy, age 8
Rodent Runaway by Rosie Davies, age 10
Secret Teddy by Ellis Essex, age 8
The Bird Who Could Not Fly by Moira Shiel-Diego, age 8
The Society of Standing Sentries by Elizabeth Yaria, age 10
The Sweet Life by Riya Vinu, age 8


The other longlisted entries are:

Ameena and the Purple Magical Monster by Charlotte Walmsley, age 8
Bella’s Birthday by Amaris Imir, age 9
Blair’s Adventure by Elaina Brooks, age 11
Chemistry by Lailah Toussaint, age 9
Jack, The Boy Who Hacked The Universe by Jack Arnold, age 9
Me-Mola Land by Beth Nevinson, age 9
Monster Mayhem! by Nancy Newsom, age 7
Robin in the Journey to Find the Biggest Cake in the World by Azhhaan Rabbani, age 10
Stranger Danger by Abigail Simhani, age 9
The 13th Birthday Jinx by Lilly Crisp, age 11
The Adventure of Lucy and Friends by Aimee Dearness, age 9
The Chinese Restaurant and My Dear Fredby Julia Topolewska, age 11
The Curse of the Moon by Abigail Obikoya, age 10
The Gate to Another World by Scarlett Chuter, age 7
The Journey of a Lifetime by Alannah Salisbury, age 11
The Jungle Boys by Albie Dexter, age 5
The Kingdom of Thought by Katie Walker, age 11
The Ogre and the Queen by Charlie Chidley, age 10
The Puddle Muddle by Alyssa Baines, age 8
The Revenge by Kian Pancholi, age 11

Congratulations to everyone on your achievement.


The standard of all the entries was really high, and we’d like to thank all of you once again for taking part in the competition. If you didn’t make it onto the longlist or shortlist this time, just remember that all the best writers never stop practising!