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Here's what people are saying about us:

Carla Kennedy, Alderman Richard Hallam Primary School, Leicester

"Comprehension has improved in my class as a result of using Fiction Express as a teaching resource and enjoyment levels for reading have shot up as well."


Natalie Johnson, Bicton CE Primary School, Shrewsbury:

"Definitely the best money my school has spent for a very long time. To say my pupils are enjoying [Fiction Express] is an understatement."


Gareth Williams, Hanbury CE First School, Worcestershire:

"I have rarely seen my class so excited by reading and so willing to read on. For the moment, they aren't drones barking at a text; they are 'readers'. What more can I say but 'thank you'."


Jane Finch, Learning Technologies Adviser, Worcestershire:

"We (Literacy and ICT colleagues in the LA) are very enthusiastic about the product from the point of view of the quality of the writing, the level of engagement it stimulates in readers and the quality and relevance of the teachers' support materials provided with each e-book... not to mention value for money!"


Mr R Beadman, St Paul's Catholic School, Leicester

"Fiction Express is an effective, enjoyable and yet extremely simple way of engaging students in their reading."


Jenny Hart, Primary National Strategy Consultant, Staffordshire

"Fiction Express goes a long way to improving the reading for pleasure element highlighted in the new Ofsted framework."


Diane Parry, Hazel Community Primary School, Leicester:

"The children have been very enthusiastic about Fiction Express. It has had a positive impact on reluctant readers and lower ability readers who are really keen to read online. I would recommend it to other schools."


Simone Goddard, Year 5 teacher, Pulham Primary School, Norfolk:

"My Year 5/6 class loved Maddie Musgrove. We used it as a whole class text - like a whole class guided reading session. They loved being able to vote for what happens next and can't wait for the next chapter. I also found that it engaged my more reluctant readers. Thank you."


Mrs S Ismail, Assistant Head, Humberstone Junior School, Leicester:

"Fiction Express engages boys as it is a modern medium to read books. It has improved and extended pupils' reading skills and the way they answer questions in comprehension activities. They have loved reading these books online. The teacher resources are very comprehensive and explore the depth of the content."


Sue Burn, St Matthew's C of E Primary School, Gloucestershire

"The class did enjoy the final part of The Mystery of Maddie Musgrove. In fact they broke into spontaneous applause at the end of it!"


Rachel Ost, Soar Valley College, Leicester:

"The [Year 7s] really enjoyed it! They loved talking about the different things that could happen next. There are lots of resources that accompany the story, that are actually really good!!"


Sophie, pupil at Titchfield Primary School, Hampshire

"It's awesome because you get to help write the story by voting."


Conor, pupil at Titchfield Primary School, Hampshire

"It's a good way to learn because you really have to listen to the story so you can make your vote."


Alison Curwen, Kingham Hill School, Chipping Norton

"A novel way to induce reluctant readers - the voting idea was a plus."


Ellen Lee, Project Manager, Whatever It Takes literacy initiative, Leicester

"The responses from schools have all been positive!"


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